Christine Movius

Explorer. Creator. Web Developer.


Christine Movius Butterfly Malaysia

I’m Christine: an explorer, creator, and web developer who is passionate about creating solutions that lie at the intersection of cultural exchange, education, and technology. I embrace the unknown, the risky, and the challenging, which enables me to develop applications with an artistic approach and a global perspective. Not only do I succeed in learning new skills, but I also exceed expectations.

P.S. I took the above photograph while trekking through Myanmar in 2014.
Cheers to new adventures!


These are projects I completed during General Assembly's Web Development Immersive in Winter 2016. I currently work at Blue Raster in Arlington, VA, where I make customized mapping applications and APIs.

MEAN Stack Apps

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EightGreat: Magic 8 Ball Compliments & Quotes

Compliments App

Ruby on Rails Apps

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JavaScript Games

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